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How to stop sabotaging your fitness goals

I wrote about “Broken Tyre Syndrome” and how to stop sabotaging your fitness goals recently in an email.  It seems a lot of us have an all or nothing attitude when it comes to our health. How do we fix this? This topic seemed to strike a chord with a number of people, so I thought that it was worth sharing with a wider audience.

If you find that you start (or even re-start) your health and fitness goals with all good intention, only to give up at the first setback and blow all your good work, I came across this great visual tool by American fitness author, Rachel Cosgrove, the other day to help you get you back on track. It goes like this…

Broken Tyre Syndrome

If you had a flat tyre on your car that caused you to pull off the road, delaying you from getting where you want to go, would you (a) fix the tyre and get back on the road, or (b) go around and flatten all the other tyres, making absolutely sure you never got to your intended destination? I imagine you would (a) fix the tyre and get back on the road.

This being so, why is it common for many women to blow their health and fitness goals on one meal and instead of getting back on the road with their next meal, go and blow the whole day, weekend or week? Otherwise known as “blown tyre syndrome” – you blew one tyre, you might as well blow them all. Not too logical, right?

Applying this reasoning, if you’ve slipped up maybe one meal, a weekend or even a week (or longer), there’s no reason to undo all your previous hard word. Stop for a minute. Get out the car. The sooner you fix the “tyre” and get back on the “health and fitness” road, the sooner you’ll reach your destination.